A day in the life of an adoption lead using Microsoft Teams

7:00 AM

Daria starts her workday at home by checking her calendar in Outlook Mobile to see what meetings she has for the day.

8:00 AM

Then Daria checks the Activity Feed in Teams to see if she has received any notifications that require an action

8:30 AM

After her morning coffee, she joins a meeting in Teams to hear daily status.

10:15 AM

Since Office 365 is cloud-based, Daria completes her adoption strategy PowerPoint presentation that she worked on yesterday and saves it to the channel in Teams. She @mentions her coworker Mark (who works in another region) so he can add his comments.

10:45 AM

Because Mark is on the go, he opens the document in Teams mobile app and reviews the first draft of the presentation. He adds comments in the presentation that need to be shared with Daria’s colleague in the afternoon

1:00 PM

After grabbing lunch, Daria takes a look at all of her tasks in Planner and updates their status to share with her manager

1:30 PM

Daria and Mark co-edit the presentation in real time. They easily work on one single version of the presentation together while changes are saved automatically! They then use Teams Meet Now to discuss next steps

4:00 PM

Daria has her 1:1 with her manager, Olga. They connect directly in Teams and turn on video so they can see one another. It feels like a face to face meeting, even when working remotely.

5:00 PM

Daria catches up on her company-wide training by watching a video from Stream pinned into her training channel in Teams.

5:30 PM

At the end of the day, Daria calls Pawel and shares the screen of her task list to make sure everything is up to date and catch up on what happened that day. Daria posts a picture of her last vacation in their Teams Fun channel.