A day in the life of a product manager using Microsoft Lists


Jayla launches Microsoft Lists and opens the “Contoso Vid” list her team uses to track the app’s feature roadmap. By filtering, Jayla sees her name attached to an item titled “Minimize video screen” with a target launch date of next month. She switches the item status from “Not Started” to “In development” and starts working with the development team to build the feature.


Uh oh – looks like the development team is dealing with some tricky issues. The team is going to have to push the launch date back. Jayla opens the item in the Contoso Vid list, adds a comment explaining the setback, and edits the target launch date. The date change triggers a rule that notifies Jayla’s manager about the update.


Jayla receives a chat from the Contoso Technologies’ developer team that they completed building the new feature. She opens the Contoso Vid list and switches the item status to “Ready for Rollout.”


Finally, the team is ready for the minimize video screen feature to go live! Jayla pushes the feature to the app, and the marketing team publishes an announcement blog. Jayla goes into the Contoso Vid list, switches the item status from “Ready for Rollout” to “Launched”, and adds a link to the blog post in the “Blog” column. The updated Blog column triggers a note to the social team to help amplify the news.


Jayla attends her team’s product planning meeting and listens as her manager lays out the roadmap for the second half of the year. Later that week, she gets a few email notifications and opens the Contoso Vid list to see her name added to two new roadmap items.


Jayla was asked to lead a sync meeting with the Contoso Vid marketing team. She pulls up her team’s Contoso Vid list to give them an overview of upcoming feature releases. She later shares the list with the marketing team with view-only access for their visibility. Innovation never ends – and the list keeps growing and working for all.