A day in the life of a marketing manager using Microsoft Loop

7:30 AM

Suki starts the day at home by checking Outlook for Windows and sees a notification from a team member overseas about the updated roadmap. She reviews the table component titled Project Roadmap in the body of the email and leaves a thumbs up reaction in the component to let her team know she is up to date.

8:30 AM

Suki’s team is distributed across the world. To allow her global team to work flexibly, she sends a table component titled Weekly Standup in a Microsoft Teams group chat instead of scheduling a meeting, which allows her team to track their workstreams, action items, and blockers in one central location.

10:30 AM

Suki kicks off brainstorming for an upcoming customer pitch. To begin the creative process, she starts a Teams group chat and creates a bulleted list component named Pitch Ideas and jots down her initial thoughts. She sends the component to her creative team through the Teams group chat and watches as the team updates the component in real time.

1:45 PM

Suki’s manager asks for an update on the marketing team’s workflows. Her manager prefers email over Teams chat, so she selects Copy link in the Weekly Standup table component and pastes it into a new email. Suki sees comments her manager makes on the table component in real time on the email, which she responds to in real time within Outlook for the web.

2:00 PM

Suki and her creative team insert emojis to vote for their top three pitch ideas within the component, but the team needs approval from leadership before moving forward. They use a paragraph component in Teams chat to draft the thought process behind their decision, enabling the whole team’s voice to be heard without impacting their flow of work.

3:00 PM

In a meeting chat with the lead designer, Suki creates a task list component titled Product design next steps to create action items, assign responsible team members, and schedule due dates. Suki and the lead designer share the task list component with their respective teams, ensuring that all involved stay in sync and on track.

4:30 PM

Before ending her day, Suki opens Microsoft365.com and filters her “My Content” section by Loop components. From this view, she sees all the components that she has created and that have been shared with her and can add final end-of-day comments, such as @mentioning a team member for an update in the Weekly Standup component.