A day in the life of a senior product manager who is hard of hearing using Microsoft Teams

8:00 AM

Call in Teams with the accounts payable department. Adira turns on live captions and transcripts so she can participate in the discussion.

9:30 AM

Meeting to review a new mutual fund offering. The presenter turned on background noise suppression, which helps Adira hear what’s said. Background blur helps her read lips.

12:30 PM

After lunch, Adira watches a virtual tour of a new Contoso bank branch. There’s a lot of noise from the street, so she turns on background noise suppression in Stream to hear more easily.

2:00 PM

Contoso is sponsoring a volunteer project: building a new playground! Adira uploads the recruitment video and a transcript file to the intranet so all employees can learn about it.

3:00 PM

A visual notification from her Outlook pops up, notifying her that an important client email needs her immediate attention.

4:00 PM

Adira does a final edit pass on a new bid proposal and sends it off.

4:30 PM

Before she heads home, she wants to find a quote from a meeting last week. She pulls up the recording and searches the autogenerated transcript to find what she’s looking for quickly.

5:30 PM

Adira leaves for the day, excited to meet up with friends for dinner later in the evening.