A day in the life of a federal judge using Microsoft Teams

7:45 AM

Judge Perez starts her day at home by checking her activity feed for documents she requested from her Law Clerks. The documents will help her prepare for her day’s legal proceedings.

8:30 AM

While commuting to work Judge Perez’s Law Clerk Pam, calls via MS Teams to let her know that her first case has been postponed. Pam also informs her that all relevant information will be in the files attached in their Chambers Channel for Federal case #LCA2347.

9:30 AM

Judge Perez arrives on site and reviews the evidence file for case. In her Chambers Channel on Teams, she reviews the Draft Court Opinion from another Law Clerk. She adds notes and chats confirming the inclusion of previous case filings in the footnotes.

10:30 AM

In her judicial robe, Judge Perez makes her way to the courtroom to address a full docket. She uses her tablet to show a camera view of the courtroom with all parties assembled. Witnesses provide testimony via a Teams meeting and are sworn in.

11:45 AM

Retiring to her chambers for lunch, Judge Perez catches up on email and messages. She receives a chat from a fellow judge on an Appeal and reviewing case law that they’re both working on. Two additional judges join the chat for review and feedback.

1:00 PM

Judge Perez heads to the bench for her next hearing. As Court is in session, she receives a message from the prosecuting attorney through the private channel suggesting the introduction of new evidence. Judge Perez recesses for 30 mins to review pictures and new evidence on her tablet. After recess, she continues the court case deeming the new evidence permissible. Judge Perez was able to deliver her ruling and complete the case.

3:00 PM

Judge Perez joins a Teams meeting with four other Judges as she presides over a committee of judges that review evidence, rulings, and decisions for consistent interpretation of the law.

4:00 PM

Judge Perez and her Law Clerk edit her written opinion in Word, responding to an appeal that reverses the original opinion

5:15 PM

Preparing for her next day of cases, Judge Perez shares a folder with the Department of Justice US Attorney’s office to review evidence for an upcoming cases.