A day in the life of a factory manager using Microsoft Lists

8:30 AM

Sergio arrives at the factory to start his morning walkthrough. He stops to check in with Carol and Mikael as they’re stocking a new shipment of almonds. Carol scans the product’s QR code on the shelf, which brings up the item in the team’s material supply list, a Microsoft Lists tab in their Teams channel. Carol updates the item quantity with the new shipment.

9:30 AM

After the morning walkthrough, Sergio gets a Teams notification on his tablet that the inventory level for dried cranberries is low. The notification links him directly to the product in the material supply list, where he sees that the material quantity is less than 20 boxes, and the status is highlighted in red. Sergio creates a task for himself to call their supplier in the afternoon.

10:00 AM

Sergio has some time to make a call to the cranberry supplier. He opens the team’s shared list of supplier contacts that they use to manage their suppliers’ contact information. He finds the dried fruit supplier’s phone number, grouped with the other food suppliers in the list. Sergio calls and puts in an order for a few containers of dried cranberries.

2:00 PM

Sergio gets a Teams notification that there is a new entry in the customer review list. He opens the list which collects results from a survey that he sends to customers to review each completed order.

2:30 PM

Fantastic – the grocery store that received their last granola bar shipment left Contoso Goods a five-star rating and a note that the shipment speed was fast. Sergio adds a comment to the list item and @mentions Kelley, who manages shipping, giving her kudos.

3:30 PM

Sergio receives a phone call from Contoso’s almond supplier telling him that there will be a delay in the order they placed last week. Sergio updates the status of the item in the material supply list to delayed, which triggers a notification to the whole team so they are aware.