A day in the life of a Daily store operations (store manager) using Microsoft Teams

7:30 am

To prepare for opening, the Store Manager (SM) Riley uses Company Communicator app and the company’s intranet site (embedded in Teams), which is utilized for news, updates, and promotions

8:00 am

Riley checks the Teams Calendar to see what huddles and check-ins are scheduled and compiles the appropriate news and updates for today’s frontline communications.
The Incentive/Goal Tracker apps are reviewed for the associates’ progress on the latest in-store competition, and the SM sends rewards with the Workplace Awards/Praise apps.
They also check everyone’s weekly training progress in the Employee Training app and sends reminders to those who have not finished.

9:00 am

After the morning huddle, Riley clicks into the To Do/Tasks app to review the closing operations checklist from the previous night and approves/denies the
checklist submission.
Then they review the store manager operations checklist, and the To Do/Tasks app to ensure they completed their opening tasks as well.

9:15 am

Riley uses the Inspection app to walk the floor, checking the stockroom and breakroom for cleanliness. Any issues or restock needs are logged in the app and then assigned to associates

12:00 pm

For the mid-day cash count, the SM utilizes the Inspection app to ensure the expected amounts are in each of the registers. Any variances or issues are reported through the Issues Reporting/Inspection app. If change orders are needed for the store, they should also be reported through the app to be resolved.

2:00 pm

When the new promotional products and signage are delivered via freight, the shipping
manifest is inspected for accuracy using the Inspection app. Setting up the new promo as a task for later that week is scheduled in the To Do/Tasks app.

3:00 pm

After clocking in, the closing manager and SM review the retail and customer engagement scorecards in the store’s Power BI dashboard. This ensures that store performance is meeting the organization’s goals and helps analyze customer feedback about the store and its associates.

3:30 pm

The SM transitions the store operations to the closing manager by reviewing
the closing operations checklist and any new tasks that need to be completed that night in the To Do/Tasks app.