A day in the life of congressional leader using Microsoft Teams

7:45 AM

Congresswoman Cook starts the day at home by checking the Activity Feed for notifications that require bill amendments, press interview meetings, immediate press releases, and constituent updates.

8:30 AM

While commuting to work, Congresswoman Cook uses the Microsoft Teams smartphone app to join the daily status meeting with her Chief of Staff, Press Secretary, Campaign Manager, Legislative Staffer, and Aide.

9:30 AM

From her office, Congresswoman Cook delivers a Town Hall via Teams Live Event to her district constituents sharing key announcements and pressing updates on grants and recently passed legislation.

10:30 AM

After her Teams Live Event, Congresswoman Cook forwards a speaking request from a donor to her staff to include on the speaking engagement schedule. Her Staff adds the event to the calendar and includes the suggested speech.

11:45 AM

Checking the Amendments channel, she gets a current list of upcoming bill amendments, posted by her staff. Congresswoman Cook adds her comments using co-authoring in Word.

12:00 PM

She collaborates with her peer representatives in OneNote for idea generation of new bills for her constituency.

1:00 PM

A Staff officer realizes Congresswoman Cook is double booked and sends a message via Teams that the Congresswoman will not attend the meeting and requests a copy of the transcript.

1:45 PM

During a break, Congresswoman Cook checks the latest Twitter news in the Twitter connector using Teams to monitor local events hashtags and review constituent requests.

3:00 PM

She shares a strategic priorities document in the FY21 Campaign Teams channel and assigns a Planner task to her campaign staff to monitor deliverables.

4:00 PM

Hosted by the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee, Congresswoman Cook joins the Teams Meeting to discuss updates to the upcoming vote and its impact on the financial markets around the world.

4:30 PM

After her meeting, Congresswoman Cook checks the Teams Stream Tab for recordings from peers across the aisle searching for common ground on the upcoming vote.

5:15 PM

Before she heads home, Congresswoman Cook checks out her Power BI Dashboard to monitor important updates, polling statistics and voter feedback on her official website.

7:30 PM

After dinner, Congresswoman Cook searches Teams to locate all conversations and files related to the community nurses’ event on workplace conditions for the next morning.