Triad Group implements Microsoft Flow to enable major mobile infrastructure company with a more efficient approvals process

Published on January 14, 2019


CTIL is the UK’s leading mobile infrastructure company, owning and managing over 20,000 sites and providing related services to their main customers who include Telefonica and Vodafone. CTIL enables and delivers mobile connectivity for millions of people across the UK. Looking for a more efficient drawing approval process, CTIL looked to Triad Group to implement a new, modern solution.


CTIL’s Acquisition Department identifies appropriate location options for cell sites. It then negotiates and manages contracts with the landlords and manages planning applications.

Within the London Acquisition team, CTIL developed a solution to implement a drawing approval process. This process captured the drawing documents for each cell site location and, for each drawing, enabled the appropriate department of CTIL (or external company) to ascertain whether the drawing was accurate before signing it off.

CTIL’s existing system consisted of an Office 365 application using SharePoint document libraries and SharePoint Designer workflows. As the volume of documents rose, this solution required an update to increase reliability. Triad was asked to improve the system.


As a Microsoft partner, Triad leveraged Microsoft’s Flow Engineering Team and realized that an innovative solution was possible by working with their “Power User Pro Crew” to make something new using Microsoft Flow.

The result is a new system and process, initiated by migrating the SharePoint Designer solution to Microsoft Flow. Designing innovative low-code Flows permitted Triad to implement a robust system that fully handles all errors that may occur while the documents are processed by the system. The new system that emerged is more reliable, faster and easier to use.


Using Flow allowed upgrades of the solution to go through Development, UAT and Production without requiring any substantial down-time to make changes to the process or data structure. This also means that CTIL has a system that is scalable as their business grows.

Using just 10 flows, the system now processes 13,000 documents every three months with more documents being added daily.