Speirs & Jeffrey automate processes with SharePoint and Bridgeall

Published on September 24, 2018


Speirs & Jeffrey are one of the UK’s leading investment management firms and have operated from their Glasgow base for more than 100 years. They advise and manage UK and international equity and fixed interest investments, managing portfolios for individuals, families, trusts, charities, pension funds and institutions.


Speirs & Jeffrey needed help with the management of content that was published within the organization for their analysts to consume. Their in-house research team had a lot of manual processes and a re-keying from different systems to keep their current solution working.


Speirs & Jeffrey approached Bridgeall to develop a solution. Bridgeall utilized the product catalog functionality within Office 365 to automate collection of key data from third parties such as Thomson Reuters and deposit the data into SharePoint Lists on a scheduled basis. Using the Product Catalog functionality meant that Speirs & Jeffrey could create templated pages to represent a company and a sector while using the SharePoint Search API to pull in the information relevant to the company or sector.

The research team was able to create research items that could be tagged with one or more companies or sectors allowing the items to be surfaced onto the page when an analyst was reviewing a company for investment. The team was also able to reduce their manual workload as Bridgeall automated the generation of PDF documents used within the site. The documents were updated every day with the previous day’s closing prices from Thomson Reuters.


With this SharePoint solution, Speirs & Jeffrey’s in-house research department is able to focus on the analysis of the market and the creation of specialist content with no re-keying required from other third-party solutions. Analysts can make use of the application to get up to date facts and figures about companies and sectors that their customers may be interested in, quickly and with confidence that the information is accurate.