Campana & Schott helps Panasonic create a modern, easy-to-use SharePoint intranet

Published on October 8, 2021


Panasonic Information Systems Company Europe needed to replace their existing hard-coded intranet solution with a state-of-the-art intranet, based on SharePoint to provide all employees with better collaboration experiences. Panasonic Information Systems worked with Microsoft partner Campana & Schott who supported the company during the initial setup of the intranet.

The new intranet is user-friendly, mobile, and well prepared for future updates from Microsoft. The editors of corporate communications benefit from significantly simplified news creation and management.

Moreover, with Campana & Schott, the Panasonic Europe IT team migrated other intranets within Panasonic into the new intranet environment.

As Panasonic transitions from classic to the modern experience and other additional intranet rollouts, Campana & Schott experts enabled the internal IT teams to perform these steps on their own.


When Campana & Schott started their engagement with Panasonic, Panasonic’s existing intranet was static and based on legacy technology – revealing the need for a new, modern intranet.

Due to the existing intranet’s complicated structure, employees had difficulty finding necessary information. As a static HTML intranet, employees at Panasonic couldn’t use it for collaboration or social interaction because it lacked the necessary integrated features.

Each separate business unit maintained their own intranet, which linked to other unit intranets. Further complicating the issue, the navigation changed with every move, causing the users to get lost during their intranet journey.

Panasonic challenged Campana & Schott with creating a stable and scalable intranet based on state-of-the-art technology.


Looking for a new intranet, Panasonic Europe was convinced that SharePoint was the right platform and searched for a partner to implement a state-of-the-art intranet.

In the first step, Panasonic and Campana & Schott created an intuitive information architecture for the intranet which was scalable to show relevant dynamic contents of central functions as well as individual contents for each business area, location, and subsidiary.

For the agile implementation of the first release, Campana & Schott onboarded Panasonic Europe central functions, such as marketing, and developed a basic working structure.  To help drive adoption and change management, Campana & Schott created a communication concept and trained editors to create up-to-date content in the new intranet.

Finally, the team migrated relevant content from the old intranet to the new intuitive SharePoint experience, including an IT service catalog.

Once the SharePoint intranet was up and running, the team migrated new regions and subsidiaries into the new environment.



All employees from Panasonic Europe now have a single platform for relevant and dynamic business context information and documentation. Positive effects of the collaboration with Microsoft and Campana & Schott include the following:

  • Consolidation of separate intranet solutions from different subsidiaries into one platform which realizes cost benefits in total cost of ownership (TCO) view
  • Better navigation through global mega menu
  • Display of relevant content for users based on location, subsidiary, business area, etc.
  • Personalization features to structure their own content within the intranet
  • Enabled Panasonic IT experts to transfer sites to modern SharePoint and onboard further divisions and subsidiaries