Yammer is the voice for employees at KFC South Pacific

Published on December 3, 2018


When KFC’s employees called for a voice, the company turned to Yammer to help connect and engage its staff. KFC employed SWOOP to understand what it is that engages teams.  A “People First” culture, based on employee engagement and trust – these are KFC’s key ingredients for success.

Its customer promise is irresistible taste and a memorable experience. Internally, KFC’s “people promise” is to be your best self, make a difference and have fun. KFC prides itself on achieving that brand love from the inside out through building engagement and living its people promise.

KFC decided to launch Microsoft’s Enterprise Social Network tool Yammer in 2015 to achieve the goal of connecting staff and giving them a voice. “By using Yammer, it allowed us to not only connect our teams all across Australia but it helped them give us the voice that they wanted,” Mr D’Souza said.

The impact of Yammer has been extraordinary.


KFC Australia (KFC) is committed to being a brand loved by all – by every customer and their 35,000-plus employees, spread across 642 company and franchisee-owned restaurants. It employs around one in every 700 people in Australia. Most team members start working at KFC at the age of 15 and the average age of team members is 17. In total, one in 45 Australian youths work at KFC. Mr D’Souza said while it was great to have 25,000 team members on Yammer, there was no point having those numbers if team members are not regularly using it.

“The biggest thing we wanted to understand is what is the active engagement rate as opposed to just measuring the number of people that were on there and SWOOP does that for us,” he said.


With the help of data from SWOOP, KFC set the goal this year of 35 per cent active engagement, which has already been well surpassed. Given the high rate of casual employment and turnover of staff due to the nature of the industry, KFC is thrilled with the result and plans to increase the goal in 2019.

By using Yammer, it allowed us to not only connect our teams all across Australia but it helped them give us the voice that they wanted.

Jonathan D’Souza (People Capability Director, KCF South Pacific)


From a business outcome, KFC can directly link Yammer campaigns to a 28 per cent increase in safety incident reporting across its 642 restaurants in Australia. Just as importantly, engagement across the business is up 36 per cent and team members are feeling connected, according to SWOOP.

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