Cold chain logistics company gets automated with SharePoint and Fenestrae

Published on September 22, 2018


Automation rules in every aspect of working for this industry leader in cold storage. From retrieval to order preparation to delivery, minimizing human error has positively impacted the stock control and accuracy benefiting both the organization and their customers, frozen food manufacturers.


The Transportation and Logistics industry is traditionally highly reliant on paper processes, and the management of information impacts business as much as the correct management and delivery of goods. When goods are packaged in the warehouse and shipped, upon receipt a proof of delivery (POD) is signed by the retailer. The information it contains is a pivot point in the supply chain management of the frozen food manufacturers they serve.

To provide high-quality customer services and maintain industry-leading service levels, this cold chain logistics organization needed to further optimize their document management surrounding purchase order delivery while implementing a state-of-the-are highly automated warehouse and distribution center.

They also wanted to reduce the turnover time in sharing business-critical information with their customers, making that information accessible any time, boosts both efficiency and productivity.


To achieve these goals, the Organization decided to use the combined solution of SharePoint and Fenestrae’s Udocx because it did not require any major changes to their logistics process itself. The implementation of SharePoint is a key aspect in efficient document management as it offers the Organization not only a document repository, but also controlled access to their customers by means of secure login. By implementing Fenestrae’s Udocx, a document processing solution which stores scanned documents directly into SharePoint, the Organization can efficiently capture and file PODs that are available anytime, anywhere.

With their new solution, the signature process upon delivery kicks off the document capture process. Using Udocx and SharePoint, the Organization can easily and quickly share information with their customers, such as the signed delivery forms.

The combination of SharePoint and Udocx fit in perfectly with our business strategy of offering the best customer service in the industry. By seamlessly integrating our paper documents into SharePoint which we can securely share with our customers, a major bottleneck in traditional cold store logistics has been transformed.

(IT Specialist, Cold chain logistics organization)


By eliminating human intervention, the Organization has been able to expand its capacity to handle over 3,000,000 pallets per year, with a volume totalling over 1 million cubic meters. They are able to unload a trailer in under five minutes. Automation benefits can be seen in every aspect of the business operations, from more energy efficient operations maximizing the product integrity, to more accurate stock accuracy and control, to the overall productivity of their locations.

The ability to optimize document management and share valuable POD information with their customers has allowed the organization to deliver on their commitment to develop long-term partnerships with frozen food manufacturers such as McCain, Unilever and Froneri.