Virtual & Hybrid Event Productions

Your Partner in Building Award-worthy Interactive Events.

You have a vision for your virtual or hybrid event. As trusted advisors, our creative and production experts help shape your vision into a best-in-class broadcast experience.

Our teams are renowned for managing and delivering flawless broadcast-quality virtual event productions for big brands and small enterprises from concept to broadcast.

  • Business needs/problem

    Create and deliver best-in-class virtual and hybrid event experiences for global audiences.
  • Business solution

    Virtual & Hybrid Event Productions

    Run of Show Development/Show Creation
    • Develop multi-track show concepts.
    • Guide show style, design, and interactive capabilities.
    • Conduct talent rehearsal and on-screen coaching.
    Production Planning & Management
    • Establish a production schedule and logistics plan.
    • Conduct show rehearsals, pre-records, platform testing, prepare client branding and graphics.
    • Integrate broadcast redundancies to ensure flawless programming.
    • Manage show day broadcast including: video switching, pre-recorded content, slide integration.
    Streaming Platform Specific to Your Needs
    • Design a brand-specific event platform environment.
    • Incorporate speaker profiles, event agendas, interactive chats, polling and Q&A.
    Live and On-demand Viewer Report and Behavior
    • Track exhibitor and attendee interaction
    • Review live and on-demand viewer reports.
  • Business value

    • Better viewer engagement enhances event success.
    • Proven production planning and broadcast standards ease pre-event concerns.
    • Flexible presenter intake model eliminates impediments to getting to your preferred speakers
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  • Success factors

    Nearly 30 years of remote video production experience with Fortune 1000 and small enterprises.
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