Teams Manager

Teams Manager helps you keep control of your Microsoft Teams environment by providing Teams templates, an approval workflow, lifecycle management and governance options such as naming conventions.

With Teams Manager, use any Team as a template and add channels, tabs, lists or apps like Planner and OneNote. Users can then request new Teams based on these templates, which a pre-selected group of users can easily review through an an automated approval workflow.

For a better overview in Teams you can create naming conventions and let Teams Manager archive inactive Teams. Build a complete governance automation by combining naming conventions and lifecycle management rules.

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  • Business needs/problem

    With Microsoft Teams, one of the main points of praise and criticism both is the possibility for every user to create new Teams. While this makes it easy for employees to engage with the tool and raises the adoption rate, it is also the source of Teams’ main problem: uncontrolled growth. For each seemingly important topic, users can and will create new Teams.

    The alternative is to disable the “Create New Team” option for everyone but the highest-level admins. This setting, however, has serious drawbacks: Users will be more frustrated with the process, and the adoption rate of Teams as a whole will be reduced accordingly.

    After several months of using Teams, even a small company of 10 to 20 employees will notice that there are a lot of channels that are used rarely, if ever. A global player with tens of thousands of employees, each of whom can create new Teams at will, will quickly lose control over the Teams creation process. The result is uncontrolled growth and loss of structure.

    Solutions2Share’s governance tool Teams Manager aims to allow companies to keep control over their internal structures, while still enabling users to keep the freedom of creating new Teams according to their needs.
  • Business solution

    Solutions2Share developed Teams Manager as the easiest governance tool for Microsoft Teams.

    Teams Manager helps companies keep control of their Microsoft Teams environment and stop uncontrolled growth, while still enabling users to request new teams based on templates. Any team can be used as a template, with channels, tabs, lists or apps like Planner and OneNote. Permissions and settings can also be pre-configured for each template.

    Teams Manager offers an automated request and approval workflow that allows all users to request new teams (based on templates), while a pre-selected group of users can easily review and approve the requests. For each new team request, Teams Manager offers the possibility to ask for customizable metadata, e.g. the department or cost center. Based on this information, assigned governance policies can then be executed automatically.

    With lifecycle management, outdated or inactive teams can be archived or deleted, according to specified expiration dates. The integrated Teams Manager bot keeps team owners informed with automated notifications.

    For a better overview and structure, Teams Manager allows companies to create naming conventions, i.e. predefined words as prefixes or suffixes that are added to team names, OneNotes or Planners.

    Lifecycles and naming conventions can be combined into full governance automation with different policies for different templates.

    Teams Manager can be installed directly from the Microsoft Teams app store and is ready to go in just a few minutes.
  • Business value

    In the words of our customers:

    "I think the Teams Manager is an ingenious tool, which covers the current gaps of O365 teams with its functions. Due to the self-explanatory user interface and detailed documentation, the Teams Manager is ready for use in a few hours. Unbeatable price performance. In addition, with colleagues from Solutions2Share you have a fast reacting partner with whom friendly communication at eye level is always fun."
    Tim Benkel, Team Lead Process IT Consulting at Bechtle GmbH & Co. KG

    "We are very pleased with Teams Manager. Since we started using it we have already created ∼800 Teams with it. The business received the approval process well and have appreciated the advise we give them when the request is denied."
    David Owen, Head of IT Global Services at Bruker AXS LLC

    "Since integrating Teams Manager into our Teams Client, giving our users the possibility to effortlessly create Teams from a predefined set of templates, we finally got to a set and strict process of governing Teams while also generating a great overview and control over all created Teams."
    Tim Baumgartl, Software Engineer at AZO
  • Success factors

    Teams Manager is the right choice for our clients as it enables them to introduce governance and still keep their users engaged. Naming conventions for Team names, OneNotes and Planners help with sensible names and finding content. Lifecycle settings automatically archive inactive or obsolete Teams. Templates allow admins to create structures with channels, applications, a unique set of user permissions, folder structures and even pre-defined content in Planner and OneNote. Users are able to request new Teams, which approvers check first.

    Our clients' users save time every day due to a clean, structured Teams environment. They do not have to search any longer for specific content or up-to-date information due to applied naming conventions. The internal IT departments are now able to maintain their environment with minimum effort and still have a great structure based on their needs and business processes. And most important of all, the users do not need to take additional steps to create a new Team. Our clients are able to safely use Teams as a powerful collaboration tool.
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