• Business needs/problem

    Frontline work is proving to be challenging. Workers and working practices are disconnected from other teams and the wider company. While outdated, obsolete tools and processes create inefficient communication and collaboration. This makes cascading information, instructions, tasks and policy changes difficult to scale, validate and capture feedback.

    Compounding the problem is that corporate functions have no visibility into the efficacy of these communications, while frontline workers are often the last to receive information and resources. Onboarding and training requirements become more cumbersome and manual and security practices and governance are uneven.

    The net result is workers are isolated and anxious; agility is constrained. Firstline workers are (like many other employee groups) anxious about their health. Is their employer doing enough to look after them (and customers)? Meanwhile, the business needs to evolve, to be more agile, to be ready to adapt to change. This necessitates a digital transformation to enable a more dynamic model, vital to survive and thrive in today (and tomorrow)’s business. Getting buy-in from the firstline worker community – the backbone of the company – on this journey is key to success.
  • Business solution

    Introducing Avanade WX Teammate! Teammate changes the way organizations engage with their teams and frontline workers, by enabling consistent communication, protecting health and well-being, and providing a personalized view of tasks. Teammate helps organizations to increase engagement and morale as well as improving the overall employee experience. Teammate also provides the platform to enable change, helping an organization capitalize on the fast-evolving environments and react to business strategies and dynamics quicker and more consistently.

    A flexible, extensible platform
    Built on the Microsoft Teams platform, Teammate supports integration with many necessary components, including workforce and learning management systems, HR & personnel systems, and the IT & facilities service desks. For example, Teammate provides easy access to key third party systems like Service Desk, HR systems and CRM platforms – enabling the individual to quickly (and seamlessly) access the necessary systems without context or the need to switch to another platform.

    Through the Microsoft Teams framework and Microsoft Graph, AI and virtual assistants can augment an individual worker’s role, as well as delivering analytics and insight for the organization.

    Teammate is provided in a Solution as a Service (SaaS) service model, which brings a consumption-based model across Avanade’s global managed services capability, encompassing our skills and experience in agile design, UX, and the Microsoft ecosystem.

    Benefitting employees
    Frontline workers gain easy access to the information needed. They can manage shifts, track tasks, follow the latest corporate communications and social media or connect easily with HR, IT or facilities – all from one app. Meanwhile, they can rest assured that Teammate is also keeping their health and well-being front and centre.

    Benefitting the organization
    Capitalize on a simpler, quicker way to cascade news, updates, tasks, or training requirements. Gain improved visibility over shift and task management as well as insight into performance and compliance.
  • Business value

    Employee well-being and engagement
    • Reassure employees with a strong commitment to security and safety.
    • Provide tools to maintain their health and well-being.
    • Capture FLW feedback and build business agility to support the new normal.
    Learning and tasks
    • Optimize activities to focus on an agile business
    • Instantly accessible for the employee.
    • Train workers in automated activities to enable fast adaptation to changing needs.
    Communication and culture.
    • Connect to teams and the broader organization in real-time.
    • Promote your company culture and increase employee engagement.
    • Facilitate ongoing communication between employees, customers and partners.
  • Success factors

    Developed with specific Customers / Use Cases and updated regularly to respond to constantly evolving FLW situation and priorities.
  • Resources to get started