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Stop attacks with integrated, automated protection

Explore how Microsoft’s threat protection solution can help you stay ahead of attacks with a unified SecOps experience, and detect and respond across attack vectors.

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Safeguard your multi-cloud resources with Microsoft’s cloud security

Industry-leading security for every layer of the cloud, regardless of which cloud or cloud apps you use. From AWS to Azure to GCS, from Slack to Salesforce to your line of business apps, we’ve built comprehensive security to protect your multi-cloud environment.

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Explore Microsoft’s threat protection and cloud security solutions

Gain more technical skilling from our experts on Microsoft’s integrated and intelligent Security solutions and more.

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Microsoft Ignite: Digital Breakout

Modernizing your SOC with SIEM and XDR

The world continues to change and challenge us to find ways to effectively protect our customers. Building on our world view anchored in Zero Trust and underpinned by the intelligence of our global operations, Microsoft is the only security vendor...

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Microsoft Ignite: On-Demand

Introducing Azure Defender

Azure Defender, integrated with Azure Security Center, protects hybrid cloud workloads. Don’t miss this session where we announce new and exciting XDR capabilities for cloud workload protection. Hear from Microsoft security experts, learn capabili...

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Top 10 best practices for Azure Security

There is so much opportunity to use Azure to improve your security posture, but where to start? What are the most effective and easiest measures to implement? In this overview session, you will learn about the top 10 Azure security best practices ...

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Get to least privilege in Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365 using RBAC and PIM

Your admins hold the keys to your IT kingdom. Managing them to least privilege and protecting their identity is critical. Come learn about fine-grained access control in Azure AD, including how to control access at-scale, and how to enforce least ...

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Leverage automated incident correlation to make Microsoft Defender for Office 365 even more efficient and improve SOC effectiveness

Discover the value that Microsoft Threat Protection incident automation can bring to your Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection workloads to increase efficiency and effectiveness and reduce SOC workload.

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Detecting and responding to threats using Azure Network Security tools and Azure Sentinel

Azure cloud-native network security services are deployed by many customers to secure their network and app infrastructure. This session will focus on making use of the data generated by these services for visibility, detection, and response, and ...

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Build your foundation for modern security and compliance with Microsoft 365 deployment assistance

With the modern work environment comes new opportunity for security vulnerabilities and threats. And now, many customers face compliance requirements or other industry or government mandates. Come hear how FastTrack can help you secure your data a...

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Connect with Microsoft Experts

Join Microsoft engineering teams and your peers in meaningful conversations about the tools you use everyday. Share insights, discover new perspectives, and problem-solve in a collaborative environment to shape the future of Microsoft products.

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