Streamline your flow of work
with SharePoint Syntex

With SharePoint Syntex, you can make it dramatically easier to find, protect, and create critical business content thanks to AI that reads your documents the way you do.

You'll teach SharePoint Syntex to read your documents the way you do and recognize important information. In doing so, you can create more organized and efficient processes for how your organization handles this information, what it learns from it, and what it does with it.

SharePoint Syntex helps you make the most of your documents
by automatically classifying files and extracting information

See these example scenarios to prompt ideas about how you can use SharePoint Syntex to streamline everyday processes and tasks in your organization

  • Automate order processing
  • Improve data processing to provide insights and analytics
  • Track data from invoices with forms processing
  • Track information from contracts with document understanding
  • Avoid risk with records management & document governance processes