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Deliver engaging digital events to thousands of attendees worldwide!

Deliver engaging digital events to thousands of attendees worldwide, with the security and usability of Microsoft Teams!

Captivate audiences with a full suite of interactive activities, including speed networking, sponsor booths, and Q/A sessions! Virtual Conference Manager is more than a meeting platform. It is an end-to-end virtual and hybrid event solution!

  • Business needs/problem

    As organizations shift towards a remote workforce, employees will grow more accustomed to the convenience of virtual and hybrid events. While some embrace travel, others may be unwilling or unable to attend an on-site event safely.

    Most organizations are familiar with on-site events but have little to no experience with the challenges associated with virtual delivery. Organizers must juggle registration, security, and schedule while maintaining an engaging environment.

    Most internal collaboration tools are not designed to accomplish these tasks at scale for external audiences.
  • Business solution

    Our platform automates the creation and organization of Teams Live Events, Teams Meetings, and the 3rd party app ecosystem to create an authentic conference experience.

    Audience engagement is a core driver of any conference. Don’t settle for a mundane webinar or recorded video.

    Organizers can design and run thousands of unique, multi-track agendas filled with engaging sessions. Attendees can participate in a broad range of interactive activities, including speed networking, mixers, and breakout sessions.

    Each conference is entirely customizable for a branded design. Organizers can create an interactive lobby, showcase sponsors, and highlight event leaders!

  • Business value

    We enable customers to create engaging virtual events at scale with the functionality and usability of Microsoft Teams. This format is perfect for corporate training, trade shows, and job fairs!

    Attendees can access the event via the Teams app or web browser; no pre-existing Teams license is required. Existing Teams and Azure subscribers can run secure conferences in their Tenant.

    Virtual Conference Manager is more than an event platform. It is a comprehensive virtual event solution.
  • Success factors

    The true value of VCM lies in our turn-key service. A team of dedicated producers own the event from planning to execution and beyond. We manage the logistics, so organizers can focus on connecting with attendees.

    Key Event Management Tasks
    • Agenda planning
    • Registration management
    • Attendee communication
    • Conference set up
    • Presenter training
    • Event status reporting
    • Conference design and asset creation
    • Technical support
  • Resources to get started