LiveTiles Reach

Reach is an internal communications app and pocket intranet that boosts engagement, retention, and connection for all employees, regardless of where they work.

  • Business needs/problem

    More than 66% of all media is consumed through a mobile device. The workforce is made up of 80% non-desk workers. Employee communication and work has gone mobile.

    Many non-desk workers do not have a corporate identity and do not have access to company news delivered on the intranet or via email. This means, corporate communications and HR miss a tool to reach this group.

    This situation and the new mobile frontier present a unique challenge with how to reach, align, enable, and engage your entire workforce for employee advocacy and retention. As well as how to provide all employees with important information, training, and tools.
  • Business solution

    LiveTiles Reach aims to alleviate these challenges. Through an optimized mobile experience, the app in Microsoft Teams, and unique capabilities, Reach informs and connects the entire workforce.

    LiveTiles Reach enables Firstline Workers, who are constantly serving customers or assisting patients, to quickly retrieve and consume news and information. Audience targeted and channel-based communications will ensure mission-critical information is efficiently delivered to your people. LiveTile Reach features include:
    • News: Easily publish visually appealing articles to reach all employees with targeted news on their preferred device with Reach business communication software.
    • Posts: Give all employees a voice with our communications app. The corporate messaging board in Reach enables swift employee knowledge sharing via links, images, and videos. Share organization-wide, or tag groups for targeted messages.
    • Pages: Make employee manuals, safety guidelines, and product information available to non-desk workers right where they need it. Reach pages enable you to deliver knowledge sharing in a structured way to staff on the go.
    • Analytics: Understand how your users are interacting with Reach and optimize news and communications for optimal engagement with analytics.
    • Events: Provide a clear overview of company training, briefings, and townhalls. Including events management, registration tracking, and conferencing tool integration. Reach enables you to easily engage employees in company events.
    • People: Quickly find contact information for all your co-workers and external users with this powerful people finder app. Connect with a single click via phone, chat, Microsoft Teams, or email.
    • Branding & integrations: Tailor the Reach app with unique branding and integration options into the applications your users leverage the most.
    Reach comes with a responsive web app, an app for iOS & Android, and an app for Microsoft Teams as well as a SharePoint Online Integration based on React components.
  • Business value

    LiveTiles Reach for Microsoft Teams adds value to corporate communications in Microsoft Teams and leads to an average ACR of $1 USD per user per year.
    • For employees:
      • Never leave Microsoft Teams to read corporate news & alerts or to contribute with stories, comments, and inputs.
      • Read important updates in your language with on-the-fly translation.
      • Stay connected on mobile even without Microsoft Teams/Microsoft 365 access or credentials.
    • For corporate communications:
      • Precise audience targeting of news and messages based on groups, roles, channels, location, and the alike.
      • Create more engagement through beautiful (Instagram like) content with Reach articles that offers editors to create compelling news with images, video, and the option to enable comments and likes. Integrations with “Unsplash” and “Canva” enables editors to employ engaging pictures and banners.
      • Ensure users don’t get lost in the noise of emails and MS Teams chat silos.
      • Reach knowledge- and firstline-workers alike and engage external audiences.
      • Understand and ensure impact of comms. with analytics, read receipts, alerts and push notifications.
    • Accelerate Microsoft Teams deployment and drive adoption, and shorten decision cycles:
      • Integrate corporate communications use case to the Microsoft Teams based workplace instead of fencing it in a separate single purpose app.
      • Move faster with Microsoft Teams adoption by adding corporate communications to Microsoft Teams as a turn-key app.
      • No IT footprint required – fulfilling the corporate communications need does not delay Microsoft Teams deployment (might even accelerate Microsoft Teams deployment where communication/marketing leads are decision makers.
  • Success factors

    • Post COVID-19, communications and employee engagement are top priorities of HR and leadership -> Reach extends Microsoft Teams capability to drive those two major priorities.
    • Adding corporate communications alerts and notifications to the Microsoft Teams workplace -> reducing noise and channels to make the Microsoft Teams workplace the canvas of choice.
    • Using Microsoft Teams to reach Firstline Workers and extend beyond organizational boundaries with Azure B2C.
    • Integrate unified communications to multiple Microsoft Teams tenants (important for membership organizations like the UN and Red Cross or in M&A situations).
    • Adding extranet functionality to Microsoft Teams as an Microsoft Teams app that allows multiple user directories per tenant.
    • Multi-/geo-redundant Azure infrastructure to optimize performance and data-residency requirements.
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