Cloud based Monitoring & Call Analytics solution for Microsoft Teams.

MoYoBi simplifies the way organizations measure Teams usage and savings.

That is what makes MoYoBi the perfect business intelligence tool for companies at any size for optimizing and monitoring their Teams communication environment.

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  • Business needs/problem

    Optimizing the return on any technology investment requires understanding its on-going usage and making adjustments consequently. The comprehensive and varying communications media types available on Teams also require the capability to monitor, analyze and manage all these resources accordingly.

    Teams customers will require a analytics and call accounting solution including real-time and historical dashboard, traffic analysis, alerting and fraud detection tools.
  • Business solution

    MoYoBi, designed for small, medium and large companies through a secured access delivers real operational benefits, with powerful features that give the customers visibility and insight into the Teams Communications. Paying as you grow with only limited investments to start, MoYoBi supports the customer throughout its migration process to Teams.

    MoYoBi is intuitive, quick to implement and simplifies the way organizations measure their Teams usage.

    MoYoBi fits companies from all industries like Financing, Education, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, government, high-tech, travel and transportation and more.
  • Business value

    Microsoft Teams Historical Dashboard solution gives users the option to obtain statistics on auto-attendant / queue / agent performance, such as: answered or missed opportunities, caller experience and promptness in finding a resolution for incoming requests.

    MoYoBi provides dedicated statistics and detailed reports to supervise the activity on Call Queues and delivers specialized reports from the Agent’s perspective to monitor their performance and assess their efficiency.

    Part of MoYoBi’s capabilities is collecting and processing calls, providing call analytics as well as a variety of built-in reports for a quick insight into call cost and call information, enabling chargeback, call quality analysis and cost control.
  • Success factors

    With dashboards and reports on Teams usage, MoYoBi has helped our customers to obtain performance metrics and increase productivity.

    The multi-lingual solution allows global deployment within organizations, offering control of the install and operation of Teams infrastructures, easing consolidation strategies for all channels.
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