C.AI Adoption Bot

Having trouble using Microsoft Teams? Chatbot C.AI answers your questions and reveals how to use Teams successfully. C.AI explains when and why certain features should be used - at your own pace and learning preferences. An AI-based algorithm understands your individual Teams skills and provides the right tips to suit the situation. The positive learning experience is additionally supported by gamification. Personal rewards and increasing maturity levels motivate the further use of Teams.

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  • Business needs/problem

    End users usually struggle to use Teams and all the features properly. In workshops, trainers present a lot content – some fit the audience, some not. In general, most of it is forgotten after a few days. Hence, users have a hard time using Teams in an effective way. And adoption can become a real challenge.
  • Business solution

    Chatbot C.AI answers user’s questions on how to use Microsoft Teams effectively. It explains why and when certain features should be used - at the user’s own pace and learning preferences.

    With activated Personal Coaching Booster (PCB), an algorithm is analyzing, when a user needs a specific learning intervention. Hence, the longer C.AI works by the user's side, the better it understands their Teams skills and individual learning needs. Based on this information C.AI’s algorithm will not only wait for user's questions, but anticipates important quick tips and offers them to the user in the appropriate situation. Thus, users improve their Teams skills and are learning simultaneously.

    C.AI helps every employee in the organization to improve their everyday work with Microsoft Teams. Additionally, game mechanics and badges for learning progress keep the users motivated in using Teams.
  • Business value

    • Establish employee-centric learning - automated, customized and scalable with the Microsoft Bot Framework, supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Reduce the time employees spend on searching for Teams functions and how to use them
    • Reduce training costs – deliver only relevant content based on individual Teams skills and learning preferences
    • Relief the IT service and support area
    • Increase active Teams usage - enable employees using specific functions in the appropriate situation
    • Drive and automate digital change with C.AI’s empathic change management
  • Success factors

    C.AI Adoption Bot helps not only with a Q&A glossary about Microsoft Teams functions. The real difference is the Personal Coaching Booster PCB. The PCB is an AI-based algorithm, which analyzes Teams usage data through the enabled Microsoft Graph API to automate, customize, and scale employee-centric learning.

    Allowing the analysis of the anonymized data and a management that communicates, why and how the Bot will help the employees significantly supports the successful usage of chatbot C.AI.
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