365 Managed Teams Spaces

Lean approach to manage and monitor Teams Room devices.

Make sure every meeting can start in-time without any issues with equipment or software updates in inconvenient moments.

  • Business needs/problem

    The responsibility to keep the Meeting Spaces running is a close collaboration between Facilities and IT. Lots of organization struggle with this demarcation and how to address issues efficiently.
  • Business solution

    Communicativ will manage and monitor the meeting space equipment to make sure all devices and accessories are running the latest software and Teams Room accounts are registered and working correctly.
  • Business value

    Uptime and Availability of Meeting Spaces is key to support the Hybrid Work culture and make sure remote participants can always join and be a equal participant in the meeting.
  • Success factors

    By making sure the equipment is always available for, the Meeting Space solutions are rapidly adopted by the End Users.
  • Resources to get started