Rencore helps DevFacto identify migration opportunities to transform for the future

Published on September 27, 2018


DevFacto is a Canadian software consulting company focused on building and managing software for their clients.


DevFacto needed to identify InfoPath forms in order to decide on the modernization approach that was specific to the environment and setup of each of their customers.


Rencore combined their discovery and assessment tool with Rich Forms, a SharePoint App from Skybow which provides an easy-to-use editor to customize list forms. Combining Rich Forms with Rencore’s discovery and assessment tool, DevFacto was able to easily find all InfoPath forms in a SharePoint environment, transforming them into a generic format and turning them into future-proof forms in SharePoint. This solution helped DevFacto decide and justify how to deal with each deployed customization and application – either migrating them as is, discarding them, or transforming and modernizing them – saving them time and resources.

As with most migrations from Infopath, Rencore recommended a combination of PowerApps, Flow and PowerBI for low-code/no-code business applications functionality, and modern approaches for applications which have become more complex or interdependent.


This SharePoint discovery tool created by Rencore and Skybow was a crucial time saver for DevFacto, helping them develop project plans that were highly specific to each of their customers.